Environmental protection and sustainability by conviction





The right means of transport not only saves costs, but also helps the environment. I primarily use public transport for meetings, visits and small shoots. If I need more equipment or the location is difficult to reach by public transport, I use a Mobility car. I can offset my CO2 emissions directly via the Mobility app.

And should a flight be necessary, this will also be compensated.


Share instead of buy

Before I buy equipment, I rent it first. If I use the object more often and it makes economic sense, I buy it. And when I go shopping, I first look to see if there might be second-hand equipment. I also make all my equipment available to other producers. For one thing, via my website or Sharely: https://sharely.ch/de/profil/568



For film editing, I need a lot of computing power and therefore also a lot of electricity. For this, I use electricity from CO2 neutral sources.


LED instead of halogen

On the set, my LED lamps save an enormous amount of electricity compared to halogen. And they don't get so hot either, which is pleasant for the protagonist.


Less consumables

Wherever possible, I try to reduce the use of consumables. With adhesive tape, this is only possible to a limited extent. But batteries, for example, I have replaced with NiMH rechargeable batteries. I also use practically no paper. Most communication is digital these days anyway.


Sustainable shopping

If I have decided to buy something myself, I attach importance to robust and durable products. Repairability is also an important criterion for me. I assembled my computer myself. That way I was able to install exactly the components I needed. And in the future, I can replace individual components if my requirements change.


Repair instead of throwing away

Film equipment is often on the road and experiences a lot. It can happen that something small breaks, for example a cable or plug. As a trained electronics technician, I can repair such things myself.